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How to Wash a Knit Cap - Knit Hat Care

Works for Crochet Caps, too!


How to Wash a Knit Cap - Knit Hat Care

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Knit caps are the best for keeping heads warm in the winter and can be quite stylish as well. Since they are worn next to the scalp and face, washing is important to keep the caps looking and smelling fresh. How you wash your cap depends on the fiber content of the yarn.

Knit or crocheted hats that are made from natural fibers like wool or cotton or flax or in a blend of the fibers should be handwashed in cool water. Use a mild detergent and allow the cap to soak for twenty minutes, agitate gently - never squeeze or wring. Rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry flat. If the hat is misshapen, reshape as it lies flat and allow to dry.

Caps that are made from synthetic fibers like acrylic or synthetic blends can be machine washed. Turn the hat inside out and always use the gentle cycle and cool water. Again, allow to air dry to prevent shrinking and reduce pilling.

Always remove any embellishments like ribbons or flowers or pins if possible before washing.

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