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How to Clean a Stetson Hat - Stetson Fur Felt Hat Care


How to Clean a Stetson Hat - Stetson Fur Felt Hat Care

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Stetson is an iconic brand of hats symbolizing the American west, style and durability. Whether you have a 10-gallon hat or another style, you will want to care for your hat to make it last and look its best.

Today's Stetsons are made from a variety of fur felt. To remove dust, use a soft brush and starting at the left side of the hat, brush it counterclockwise to keep the surface looking smooth. Brush toward the back of the hat and work around the hat. If you have grease or water stains on a lighter colored hat, use a bit of cornstarch or talcum powder to absorb the stain. Sprinkle on and leave for several hours and then brush away with a soft brush. Never use liquid cleaners.

If you hat gets wet, shake off excess water. Turn down the leather sweatband and stand the hat on the band to dry naturally. Do not dry on a flat surface or the brim will lose its shape.

Rain does not usually cause a problem with a felt hat, however, acid rain can sometimes spot the felt. If that happens, use a clothes steamer to give the hat a good steam. Brush well while still damp and then allow to air dry away from heat and direct sunlight. Be sure that the hat is thoroughly dry before storing. Store you hat upside down in a covered hat box to keep its shape and ward off dust.

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