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How To Clean A Leather Hat - Care for A Leather Hat

Tanned Leather and Suede


How To Clean A Leather Hat - Care for A Leather Hat

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Leather hats make a fashion statement and are very warm against winter winds. With proper care, leather hats can last for many years.

Tanned Leather

When a leather hat loses it good looks, treat it with a commercial leather dressing. Avoid saddle soap or harsh cleaners that may dry your leather hat. Avoid getting your hat extremely wet. If you do, dry with a soft, white cloth and allow to air dry naturally. Avoid direct sunlight and high heat. Dry on a hat form if possible to prevent shrinking. After drying, you may wish to use a leather conditioner to keep the hat soft and supple.


Use a soft bristle brush to remove loose dirt and dust and keep the suede looking fresh. For areas that appear matted, buff with an emery cloth to raise the nap. Oily stains should be dusted with cornstarch or talcum powder. Allow the powder to sit for several hours and then brush away. For very tough stains, spot treat with a mixture of mild detergent and water. Rinse with a clean white cloth dipped in water and then brush to restore the nap.

Avoid getting your suede hat excessively wet. If you do, shake off excess water and allow to dry naturally. Dry on a hat form if possible to prevent shrinking. Brush well to restore nap. Be sure hat is completely dry before storing. Store in a hat box to prevent crushing and dust build-up.


Sweatbands in leather hats are there to prevent perspiration and body oils from staining the outside of the hat. Whether the band is made of fabric or leather, it will probably need to be cleaned frequently and correctly.

Leather and suede hats can be treated with a special compound to make them waterproof. You should test the product on a small inside area as it may change the color of the hat slightly.

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