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How to Clean a Fedora - How to Care for a Fedora Hat


How to Clean a Fedora - How to Care for a Fedora Hat

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A fedora is a classic style of hat. It began as wool felt but can now be found in synthetic fibers or straw. Taking care of the hat will keep it looking nice and allow it to last for many years.

For fabric hats, remove dust with a soft brush always brushing with the nap of the fabric. You can also use a lint roller to remove fuzz and dirt. Use it gently to prevent misshaping the hat. For straw, simply wipe with a damp, white cloth to remove dust.

If your hat becomes wet, shake off excess water. Allow to air dry away from high heat or direct sunlight. If possible, use a hat form or large jar to support the hat to keep the brim and top or "pinch" of the hat from becoming misshapen.

If you perspire heavily while wearing the hat, carefully wipe down the hat with a damp cloth to remove excess salts. Turn the hat band out and allow to dry completely between wearings. If salt stains form on the felt, dip a white cloth into an equal mix of distilled white vinegar and water. Spot clean the salt stains and then allow to dry completely. Use a soft brush to restore the nap of the felt.

To remove oily stains from hair products, lotions or body oils, sprinkle the stained area with cornstarch or talcum powder. Allow to sit for at least a couple of hours and then brush away. The powder will absorb the oils. Do not use liquid cleaners on the hat unless the fibers are synthetic. You can use a bit of mild detergent mixed with water on a clean, white cloth to spot treat stains. Rinse by wiping with a cloth dipped in water and allow to dry naturally.

Store your fedora in a covered hat box to prevent dust settling onto the hat. Store upside down to prevent the brim from becoming misshapen.

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