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How to Care for Sequined Garments


How to Care for Sequined Garments

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Sequins bring a bit of sparkle to our clothes but they need some special care to keep them nice and bright. First, always check the garment label to see if the garment is machine washable or hand washable. If it says dry clean only, believe the label.

Machine Washing

Button or zip the garment completely. Turn the garment inside out so that the sequins are protected. Use the gentle cycle with cold water and a mild detergent.

Hand Washing

Again, button or zip and turn the garment inside out. Use cool water and a detergent designed for hand washing. Do not scrub vigorously or wring the garment tightly.


Never put sequined garments in the dryer - the sequins could melt. If the garment is woven, it can be hung to dry. Knitted items should be dried flat.

Stains and Freshening

For stains, start with a bit of club soda applied sparingly. Work from the outside of the stain toward the center. Use a hair dryer to avoid excess moisture which can leave a ring.

To freshen the garment use a fabric freshener spray on the inside of the garment. Use club soda around the collar and cuffs to remove any stains before laundering.

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