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How to Load a Clothes Washer

Top-Load Washer


How to Load a Clothes Washer

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Once you’ve sorted your dirty laundry, pretreated stains and emptied pockets, it’s time to load the washer.

First, add the detergent using the recommended amount. Select the proper cycle and water temperature for each load. Then add the clothes and start the washer. Try to mix large and small items in each load for better washing action.

How much will my washer hold?

A regular capacity washer load can accommodate one or two bed sheets, several pillowcases, two or three shirts and several small items such as underwear. If you still have the manufacturer’s instruction book, you’ll find a recommended maximum or optimum load weight and use it as a guide. Fill the washer loosely so that clothes have room to move freely.

Bulk counts more than weight. So wash large items like blankets, bedspreads and rugs separately adding a few towels, if necessary to balance the load for proper spinning action. Don’t wind large items around the agitator or tub. Load equally on each side to keep the washer in balance.

Learn how to load a front-load washer here.

Specific questions? Just ask here.

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