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How to Clean and Remove Necktie Stains


How to Clean and Remove Necktie Stains

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A necktie is often made of a delicate fabric that requires special treatment but is one of the most often stained and mistreated items in a wardrobe. Ties are expensive so you’ll want to do your best to keep them looking great and lasting longer.

Removing stains

Some ties are pretreated with a stain-blocking finish; however, a stain is almost inevitable. When the drip happens, dip a clean white napkin into club soda and dab away the stain. Do not press hard or you will rub the stain deeper into the fabric. If the stain is greasy, use talcum powder, foot powder or baking soda to absorb the excess oil. This will make additional cleaning more productive.

If your tie needs a general cleaning, be sure to handwash. Never put a tie in the washer. Pretreat the stains and then use a gentle soap like Woolite to wash the tie.

If your tie is silk, dry cleaning is the preferred cleaning method and preserves the glossy and smooth finish of silk. Ask that the tie be hand-pressed because the pressing methods are too severe to maintain the rounded edges of the tie. If pressed too hard, the fibers will actually break and you’ll have frayed edges. If you choose to handwash or use a home drycleaning kit and stains are present, carefully use a pretreater on the stain before cleaning.

Ironing a Tie

Silk and polyester ties need a cool iron, wool ties need a medium-hot setting and cotton and linen ties need a hot iron. The tie should be ironed gently without a great deal of force. Begin on the wrong side, pressing lightly. When you iron the front of the tie, use a thin cloth between the tie and the iron. This pressing cloth will prevent scorch marks. Never iron a stained tie because you may permanently set-in the stain.

If your tie is wrinkled and you don’t have an iron, hang the tie in a bathroom filled with steam. The steam will soften the fibers and reduce the wrinkles.

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