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How to Care for Lace Garments and Linens


How to Care for Lace Garments and Linens

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Lace is a netlike ornamental fabric made by hand or machine of cotton, linen or synthetic fibers. It is delicate and beautiful and will last for many years if treated with care.

All lace should be hand washed using cool water and a mild detergent. If the item is a garment, button and zip completely to avoid snags that can tear the lace netting. Avoid vigorous scrubbing which will distort the fibers. Rinse well and do not wring to remove water, gently squeeze.

If you have an heirloom lace tablecloth that needs cleaning, you can make it more stable by basting it with white cotton thread to an old white cotton sheet. Wash the stabilized cloth by hand, rinse well and air dry. Remove the sheet by pulling the basting thread and store your clean, lace cloth.

Lace should be air dried or dried flat, never in the dryer. Delicate pieces may need to be reshaped during drying. If ironing is needed, place a thick white towel over the ironing board and use a press cloth between the iron and the lace. This will prevent crushing the details of the lace and prevent snags that can rip or tear.

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