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Buying An Iron: 5 Things to Consider

Pumping Iron in the Laundry


Five things to consider before buying an iron.

Specific questions? Just ask here.

1. Heat

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The ideal iron should have adjustable settings for delicate to cotton fabrics, an auto-off to turn the iron off after a pre-set time and an option for steam or heat only with no steam.

2. Steam

Steam is the best wrinkle remover. Look for an iron with a burst of steam feature to help with tough wrinkles, a spray nozzle to pre-moisten fabrics and a clear gauge on the water tank for ease in filling. A self-cleaning feature uses a burst of steam to clear clogs in the soleplate of the iron and will save those iron-colored droplets appearing on your white shirt.

If you are considering purchasing a steam iron, take time to read reviews of top-rated irons at ConsumerSearch before you go shopping.

3. Surface

Non-stick soleplates are most often the same non-stick surface as cookware and are the easiest to clean. Stainless steel or aluminum also transfer heat well but may need to be scrubbed to remove built-up starch or sizing.

4. Cords

The easiest iron to use is a cordless rechargeable iron. But if you're purchasing one with a cord look for an extra long cord and a reversible or pivoting cord allowing left- and right-handers to use it comfortably - no excuses!

5. Weight

Depending on where you like to pump iron - the gym or the laundry - irons can weigh between one and a half to three pounds. A heavier iron will cover a greater pressing area but a light-weight iron may work best for light or infrequent sessions.
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