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Product Profile: Kenmore Connect Washers and Dryers


Product Profile: Kenmore Connect Washers and Dryers

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Kenmore, Sears flagship appliance brand, now offers washers and dryers that can "talk" to service technicians. Kenmore Connect technology is available on select Kenmore and Kenmore Elite washers and dryers. Kenmore Connect allows owners to find answers with a phone call and a push of a button on how to operate their machines or if the machine is operating correctly.

Kenmore Connect provides real-time diagnostic information directly from the appliance to highly-trained Kenmore Connect service experts who can offer assistance and solutions over the phone avoiding an in-home service call. If a service call is necessary, the service person will come prepared with the correct parts and equipment.

How It Works Customers with Kenmore Connect technology call 1-800-4-MY-HOME and follow the voice prompts to reach a Kenmore Connect service expert. Customers are then asked to follow three steps:
  • Hold: Place the mouthpiece of the phone over the power button, very close to - but not touching - the machine.
  • Push: Press and hold the appropriate button, "Wash/Rinse" for washers and "Temp" for dryers.
  • Listen: Wait to hear three beeps. Then release the button while keeping the phone in place. Users will hear transmission sounds as the numbers on the display count down.
  • This gives the service experts the diagnostic information needed to understand and answer questions, suggest solutions or provide instructions to help keep the appliance running properly. More than 100 different data points are diagnosed and assessed data including cycle and option settings, air/water temperature, estimated load size, spin speeds, fill/drain times, unbalanced load issues, status of certain electrical and mechanical sub-systems and mechanical issues associated with each error code. Models with Kenmore Connect Washers
  • 40272
  • 40311/8
  • 40441/8
  • 40512/8
  • 41022/8/9
  • 42192/8/9
  • 29272/8
  • Dryers
  • 9/80872
  • 9/80311/8
  • 9/80441/8
  • 9/80512/8
  • 9/81022/8/9
  • 9/82192/8/9
  • 7/69272/8

    There is no cost to use Kenmore Connect service for the life of the appliance. The service is available seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Central Time by calling 1-800-4-MY-HOME. Any out-of-warranty, in-home visits or parts will require an additional fee.

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