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Removing Laundry Stains from Kids' Clothing

Children are adventurous and that means stains. Learn to take care of them with ease.
  1. Food Stains (20)
  2. Outdoor Stains (3)
  3. Remove Crayons, Glue & Ink (6)
  4. Sick Room Stains (7)

10 Rules for Stain Removal
Stain removal is one of the most crucial parts of handling your family's laundry. These 12 rules are the basics of any type of stain removal.

About.com Video - How to Remove Gum from Clothing
Follow these step-by-step instructions to remove gum from clothing and get out of that sticky situation.

How do I remove fingernail polish?
How to remove fingernail polish from fabric.

How do I remove lipstick stains?
How to remove lipstick stains

How to Spot Treat Stains in the Laundry
How to spot treat stains in the laundry - spot treatment, sponging, stain removal.

Removing Back to School Stains
Kids are adept at finding stains year-round. But back to school time may offer some new stains or those you haven’t seen in a few months. Here’s a quick guide for removing those school days stains from washable children’s clothing.

Removing Mystery Stains
Some stains mysteriously appear with no clue of their origin. Learn what steps to use to remove stains from unknown causes.

Munchkin Stain Treatment Wipes - About.com Laundry Product Review
Laundry Product Review of Munchkin Stain Treatment Wipes.

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