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How do I disinfect sick bed laundry?


How do I disinfect sick bed laundry?

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Question: How do I disinfect sick bed laundry?
Here's how to disinfect sick bed laundry:

A big part of taking care of someone who is sick is making them feel as comfortable as possible. And, if they have something contagious, it's also important to keep everyone else in the household healthy. These tips will help keep everyone feeling their best.

The best sheets for a sick bed are those that can be washed in hot water and disinfected with chlorine bleach. You will probably need to change the sheets everyday, if not more often. Sometimes just changing the pillowcases will make the sick one feel more comfortable.

For your own protection, place the sheets in a laundry basket or hamper to carry them to the washer. If you carry them in your arms near your face, some germs can remain on your clothing or hands and cause problems. If you are highly susceptible to bacterial diseases, wear disposable gloves while handling a sick one's laundry.

For clothes and linens that can't be cleaned with chlorine bleach, there are other ways to disinfect fabrics safely. You can use pine oil or phenolic disinfectants.

If you have blood, vomit or liquid medicine stains, treat these first. Sheets should then be washed in the hottest water possible with detergent and chlorine bleach to help kill germs, bacteria and head lice. Line-drying sheets in the sun will also help to sanitize them.

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