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How do I iron velvet?


How do I iron velvet?

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Question: How do I iron velvet?
Technically, you should never iron velvet. Velvet has a pile or extra fibers added to the weave of the fabric and then clipped to make the lush texture. Ironing will crush the fibers and leave a near-permanent imprint.
Answer: Velvet should be steamed. To remove light wrinkles, hanging the garment in a steamy bathroom will probably work. A steamer does the best job removing wrinkles and rejuvenating crushed pile. Hang the garment and move the steamer up and down. Don’t hold the steamer too close to stay in one spot too long or you will damage the material. Use your hands to smooth and lightly shape areas. Use a good clothes brush to remove any lint and “fluff” the finish.

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