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How to Iron Wool Clothes


How to Iron Wool Clothes
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Wool is a natural fiber with wonderful resilient qualities. If a garment is wrinkled, simply hanging up the item and allowing the fibers to relax may eliminate the need for ironing. However, for deep creases ironing is appropriate.

Your Iron

You'll have the best results by using a steam iron. If you don't have a steam iron, do some comparison shopping online by reading reviews of the top rated choices. When you're ready to begin,put the setting on WOOL. Make certain that you have water in the iron. If you don't have a steam iron, wet a clean white cotton towel and wring out most of the water and use it to add moisture during ironing. Never iron wool with dry heat because it will easily scorch.

Use a Pressing Cloth

A pressing cloth is simply a piece of fabric that is used between the face of the iron and your fabric. Pressing cloths can be purchased at fabric stores. You may also use a white cotton dish towel, a piece of muslin, a white handkerchief or any cotton fabric that will not transfer color or dye to your garment.

Get Started

Turn your wool garment inside out and press on the inside. This will prevent a shine from appearing on your garment if your iron is too hot.

If the wool fabric is heavily textured or nubby, put a thick cotton bath towel over the ironing board to prevent crushing the nap.

HELP! I did something wrong!

If you happen to slightly scorch a napped wool fabric, rub lightly with an emery board. A diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide and water may help remove a more severe scorch. Be sure to test on a hidden area first.

If you forgot to use a pressing cloth and your wool is shiny, try sponging white vinegar on surface of wool garment. Rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry.

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