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How to Iron a Necktie


How to Iron a Necktie

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Most neckties will not require ironing if they have been handled properly . Always hang up your ties after wearing or gently roll them around your hand and store in a drawer. But things happen, so learn how to properly iron a tie to help it last as long as possible.

Never iron a tie that has a stain. The heat will permanently set the stain. So, take care to remove all stains .

Before you begin, be certain the cover on your ironing board is clean. If not, put a clean, white cloth over it before you lay down the tie. Check the tag on your tie to determine the fabric content and set your iron temperature for the fabric type. Silk and polyester ties require a cool setting. Wool ties can handle a medium setting and cotton requires a high temperature. Lay your tie out on the ironing board, backside up. Always use a clean, white pressing cloth between the tie and the iron face.

Working from the bottom to the top, iron small areas one at a time from the edges inward to avoid creases. Never let the iron rest too long in one spot. Lift the pressing cloth often to check your progress. If the tie shows any color changes, lower the iron's temperature. Next, turn over the tie and press the front side still using the pressing cloth. When you're finished, hang the tie to cool before storing or wearing.

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