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How to Iron Without An Ironing Board


How to Iron Without An Ironing Board

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If you live in a small space or are traveling, you may not have an ironing board available. You can still look fresh and neat by ironing clothes without an ironing board.

A firm, flat surface is key to successful ironing. You can use the floor, table or counter. A bed works well if you are not looking for sharp creases - for sharp edges you need a firmer surface. Whatever you choose, you must cover the surface to protect it from heat. Never iron directly on a wooden or stone surface, carpet or bedding.

The ideal covering is an ironing blanket. Available in several sizes, ironing blankets typically are made of silicone-coated cotton which is heat and scorch-resistant. Many are backed in non-slip foam so that ironing is a breeze. The blankets can be folded and stored away easily.

If you don't have an ironing blanket, a very thick cotton towel, preferably white, can be used. If your towels are not thick, use two or three thinner towels. You will want to use white or off-white towels to prevent any color transfer between the towel and the garment you are ironing, especially if you are using steam.

If the cover that you are using is not large enough to accommodate the iron when you need to set it down, use a kitchen potholder or oven mitt. Always sit the iron on its base and never leave it with the flat surface down.

Follow the same ironing tips for ironing without an ironing board as with a board to keep your clothes looking great.

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