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Ecoegg Fragrance Dryer Eggs - About.com Laundry Product Review

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Ecoegg Fragrance Dryer Eggs - About.com Laundry Product Review

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Kim Woodburn is the United Kingdom's resident Queen of Clean and her smiling face is quite prominent on the Ecoegg packaging along with this statement: "Trust me my love, this will save you money and leave your laundry smelling great!". Having The Queen's endorsement must mean something!

Ecoegg Fragrance Dryer Eggs

The Ecoegg Fragrance Dryer Eggs look like a porcupine's egg if a porcupine laid eggs! Each 3-inch heavy plastic egg is covered with rounded hard plastic spines and small ventilation holes. Within each egg is a ventilated tube that can hold a fragrance stick. The fragrance stick is simple to insert by removing a cap on one end of the egg.

The Dryer Eggs come in two colors and fragrances. The blue eggs are "soft cotton" and the pink eggs are "spring blossom". While no ingredient listing is made available, Ecoegg promotes the fragrance sticks as non-toxic, hypoallergenic and containing no harsh chemicals. Each fragrance stick lasts for approximately ten loads. This will depend upon the drying temperature and the length of the drying time. It is not necessary to use the fragrance stick if you prefer perfume-free.

To use the dryer eggs, simply place both eggs in a tumble dryer on top of the load to be dried and dry as normal. The eggs do not need to be removed after every load, they can be left in the dryer for the next load. If you do intend to remove them, the dryer eggs become hot during use. You must use care and allow them to cool before handling them.

The dryer eggs promise to speed up drying time saving energy and energy costs. The eggs help create space between clothes and allow the hot air to circulate more freely. The nodules are promoted to soften clothes by gently breaking down any detergent residue left in fibers with using chemicals.

The eggs are safe to use with all fabric except delicate items. They are not recommended for use in dryers that use a sensor to determine the level of dryness and the length of the cycle. They should never be added to the wash load because they do not provide any benefit in softening or conditioning. The eggs are guaranteed for three years.

Ecoegg Fragrance Dryer Eggs are distributed by Ecoegg Ltd. in Maidstone, Kent in the United Kingdom. The company also sells Ecoegg Laundry Egg, Eco Stain Remover and Detox Tablets for cleaning washers. Their products are not tested on animals and the packaging is made from responsible sources and is approved by Forestry Stewardship Council.

The Ecoegg Fragrance Dryer Eggs are widely available in the United Kingdom and available worldwide through their online store.

Laundry Guide Recommendation

I gave Ecoegg Dryer Eggs a try without the fragrance sticks because I do not like to have my clothes competing with other scents. However, I will say that the Soft Cotton scent was pleasant and relatively light. The eggs claim to reduce the time it takes to dry clothes in a gas or electric dryer by up to 28 percent. I washed and dried two identical loads of clothes (5 t-shirts and 5 bath towels) and found that using the dryer eggs shave about 20 percent off the drying time off the non-dryer egg load. I did not use the moisture-sense cycle.

That was the good news. The less successful part of the cycle was that the eggs created noise as they tumbled in my dryer. I was a bit concerned about the hot, hard plastic hitting the moisture sensor located in the dryer drum.

I do like the energy savings, the softening ability without fabric softeners or dryer sheets. I would prefer to use a dryer ball or egg made of organic materials.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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