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Rockin' Green Funk Rock - About.com Laundry Product Review

No More Tears

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Rockin' Green Funk Rock - About.com Laundry Product Review

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If you've ever been around a baby, you've caught a whiff of ammonia from a wet diaper. A diaper pail filled with cloth diapers can bring tears to your eyes. The folks at Rockin Green have a product designed to eliminate that funky odor - Funk Rock.

Funk Rock

Funk Rock Ammonia Bouncer is an all natural ammonia bouncer. It is SLS free (sulfate free), phosphate free, soap free and enzyme free. It comes in a 16-ounce pouch and will remove odor from 30 loads of laundry. It is safe to use in HE washer.

Funk Rock is used as a pre-soak for diapers or any laundry that has been exposed to urine. Four tablespoons are added to warm or hot water for up to twenty diapers. The diapers should soak for thirty to sixty minutes. They must then be rinsed and then washed as usual with detergent.

For diapers, one tablespoon can be added to the pre-rinse cycle each time.

There are no product ingredients listed on the packaging or the Rockin Green website.

The cost is $14.95 per bag.

About the Rockin Green Company

Rockin Green is a fast-growing small company based in Texas that was founded by Kim Webb in 2009. Ms. Webb and her husband developed the detergent formula after searching for a way to clean diapers for their son. As they tinkered with the formula, they shared the results with friends and soon the demand for the product was established. Other Rockin Green products were formulated and added as the company grew.

In addition to Funk Rock, the company offers Rockin Green Detergents in scents like Lavender Mint Revival, Bare Naked Babies, Earth Wind and Orchids, Smashing Watermelons, Rage Against the Raspberries and Motley Clean, Dog House Rock - a pet bed & toy detergent, Femme Rock - a cloth menstrual pad detergent, Melody Odor - a fabric odor neutralizer and fragrance spray and Shake it Up - a diaper pail freshener.

Ms. Webb and the company have won several awards including the 2011 Stevie Award for Women in Business as the fastest growing company of the year and one for best entrepreneur. The product is also endorsed by the MACT (Mother Approved and Child Tested) Awards.

Laundry Guide Recommendation

My diaper-washing days have long since passed and there are no grandchildren in sight, so I recruited a young mother who has plenty of chances to put Funk Rock to good use. I did keep some to test on workout clothing that frequently has lingering odors.

Our new mother reported that after following the Funk Rock suggested routine, the diapers did not retain an ammonia odor. It is essential to a baby's health that cloth diapers be completely free of detergent or ammonia residue. Any type of residue left in the fabric can cause a painful rash.

When I gave it a try on some smelly laundry, I was pleased with the results. The cotton clothes come out smelling fresh.

I am quite disappointed that the product does not list ingredients. It is essential to know what you are using to clean your clothing - especially on diapers and clothes that are worn next to babies' sensitive skin. I have a strong suspicion that Funk Rock relies heavily on sodium bicarbonate or baking soda. At Princeton University, the recommended products for neutralizing ammonia odors is sodium bicarbonate and bentonite (clay kitty litter).

I have excellent success with using baking soda to control laundry odors. It is natural, non-toxic and inexpensive. To control odor, the presoak in warm or hot water and an extra rinse before washing should do the trick.

If you are washing cloth diapers using a product to control odor is important. I recommend that you compare Funk Rock versus baking soda and determine which works better for you.

Specific questions? Just ask here.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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