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12 New Ways to Use Clothes Hangers

Creative Uses for Clothes Hangers


Wire clothes hangers accumulate in almost every home. But what can you do with them beyond the laundry room and closet? More than you've ever imagined!

Specific questions? Just ask here.

1. Reuse

One of the simplest ways to reuse wire clothes hangers is to donate them to organizations that can put them to good use - thrift stores, crisis shelters, group homes or nursing homes. Many dry cleaners or laundry mats will accept hangers for reuse.

2. Recycle

Check with your local recycling plant to see if they accept wire hangers. Then gather wire hangers from your neighborhood or church and take them in bulk for recycling. You can donate the money to a worthy cause.

3. Make Them Padded Hangers

If you are handy with a needle or crochet hook, you can turn your wire hangers into lovely padded and decorative ones. These are great to give as housewarming gifts or for showers. Every new mother will appreciate some small ones for baby's closet. FreePatterns.com has a great selection of patterns that are free with site registration.

4. Make a Garden Hose Guide

Use a wire cutter to snip a hanger wire into six-inch lengths. Bend each length into an arch, then use them as "staples" for keeping a soaker hose in place in flower beds.

5. Create a Strainer Frame

Pull the hanger into a roughly round shape and cover it with a panty-hose leg. Use it to strain paint or anything messy. You can just toss away the panty-hose and keep the frame to use another day.

6. Remove Static Cling

To reduce static cling, run a wire clothes hanger between the garment and your skin. Even running the hanger over the outside of the garment will help.

7. Make a Giant Bubble Wand

Bend a clothes hanger into a circle and you have the perfect giant bubble wand. Mix one part dishwashing detergent and one part water to make the bubble solution.

8. Create a Wreath

A wire hanger is the perfect base for a holiday or special occasion wreath. Fresh greenery or silk flowers can easily be attached to the frame. Just bend the hanger into a circle and leave the hook for hanging.

9. Grow Fairy Wings or a Halo

Keep a couple of hangers around to make accessories for costumes. Hangers make great fairy or butterfly wings when covered with fabric or paper. You can also bend them into halos, horns or anything that needs a frame. Decorate with glitter, paint or anything you can imagine.

10. Control Vines and Tender Plants

Hangers can form a trellis or become a support for vines and plants. Bend or cut the hangers into the shape you need. If you want a taller trellis, hangers can be taped together and hung from a fence post or nail.

11. Make Temporary Safety Glasses

If you're in the middle of a home repair and can't find your safety glasses, About.com's Guide to Home Repair has a step-by-step guide for making a pair.

12. Be Even More Crafty

There are dozens of wire hanger craft projects for mobiles, Christmas decorations, dream catchers and more. About.com's Guide to Family Crafts is great resource for projects that everyone can help create.

Share Your Creative Tips

How do your recycle wire clothes hangers? Share your best tips and crafts!
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