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Natural Laundry Stain Removers

How to Limit Chemical Exposure and Remove Stains With Natural Products


Learn how to use natural products to remove stains from clothes and limit the chemical exposure of your family. Follow these tips to keep your laundry routine green.

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1. Baking Soda

Use Baking Soda for Laundry
Baking soda is one of nature's best gifts to laundry. You can use it a green odor reducer to keep your laundry smelling fresh. It is also perfect for boosting detergent performance, softening fabrics and reducing suds.

2. Distilled White Vinegar

Use Vinegar to Clean Laundry

Distilled white vinegar is key in removing yellow underarm perspiration stains and odor. The low level of acetic acid works more gently than chlorine bleach and is safer to use.

White vinegar also works on removing mildew stains and whitens and brightens your clothes among other uses. You can even use vinegar to clean your washer!

3. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide Removes Clothes Stains

Hydrogen peroxide produces a mild bleaching action and is good alternative to the much harsher chlorine bleach. It is also a good stain remover for nail polish, curry and red wine.

4. Lemon Juice/Lime Juice

Use Lemon Juice to Remove Stains

Lemon or lime juice has a bleaching action due to the acetic acid. If you spill some on colored clothing, you'll want to remove the juice before it causes permanent discoloration. However, you can use them on white fabrics to help remove yellow underarm stains and rust.

5. Salt

table salt removes clothes stains

Table salt is a help in the laundry as a mild abrasive element for stains such as rust and red wine and to absorb liquid stains before they set. Remember, if you don't wash it out, salt can leave white stains on your fabric. Learn how to remove salt stains.

6. Baby Powder, Chalk & Cornstarch

Use Cornstarch to Remove Oily Stains
Baby powder, chalk and cornstarch are wonderful for absorbing oily stains. If you catch the stain promptly, they can even remove it! Just sprinkle the stain liberally with baby powder, talcum powder or cornstarch or rub with chalk. Allow it to work for several minutes as it absorbs the oil; then brush away.

7. Borax

Use Borax to Clean Clothes

Borax is a naturally occurring element that aids in cleaning clothes and removing stains. Almost all homemade laundry detergent recipes contain borax.

You'll find it helpful as a stain remover for cloth diapers and curry.

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