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10 Reasons to Line Dry Laundry

Save Money and the Earth


Did you know that there is an organization devoted to Line Drying or Air Drying Laundry? Project Laundry List provides tips and a call to action to preserve the tradition of hanging laundry outside to line dry. Here are their Top 10 reasons to line dry laundry.

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1. Save Money

Most households which abandon their clothes dryer save more than $100 per year off electric or gas bills.

2. Energy Conservation

Line drying laundry conserves energy and helps to protect the environment by saving precious fossil fuels. It is the pinnacle of green laundry!

3. Freshness

Clothes and sheets smell fresh without additional chemical laundry fresheners. This is particularly important for those sensitive to perfumes and dyes used in detergents and dryer products.

4. Gentle on Clothing

Tossing and tumbling in a dryer can cause wear and strain on clothing seams and buttons. Line drying is more gentle to fibers.

5. Physical Activity

Hanging up laundry is a physical activity which you can do inside or outside.

6. Good Rays

Sunlight helps to bleach and disinfect laundry. This is particularly beneficial for sheets, towels and diapers. However, for dark clothes it can cause harm - keep them in the shade.

7. Winter Humidity

Indoor racks can humidify the air in dry winter weather
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8. Prevent Fire Risks

Clothes dryer fires account for about 15,600 structure fires, 15 deaths and 400 injuries annually. The yearly costs in the United States for fire loss due to clothes dryer fires is estimated at $99 million.

9. Peacefulness

Taking time to enjoy the weather, the feel and smell of clean laundry can offer an outdoor experience that is meditative.

10. One Small Step

Line drying laundry demonstrates that small steps can make a difference. You don't have to wait for the government to take action to protect the environment or reduce your monthly expenses.

What do you love about line drying?

Tell us what you love about line drying laundry and any green laundry tips you use.
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