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Laundry Definitions and Terms

Laundry definitions and terms.

Definition of bleach in the laundry.

Definition of bluing in the laundry.

Definition and uses of borax in the laundry

Chlorine Bleach
Definition of chlorine bleach in the laundry.

Color Removers
Definition of color removers in the laundry

Detergent Boosters
Definition of detergent boosters in the laundry.

Definition of detergents in the laundry.

Definition of disinfectants in the laundry room

Dry Cleaning Fluid
Definition of dry cleaning fluid

Definition of dye in the laundry

Enzyme Presoak Products
Definition of enzyme presoak products in the laundry

Fabric Fresheners
Definition of fabric fresheners in laundry

Fabric Softeners
Definition of fabric softeners in the laundry

Fabric Whiteners
Definition of fabric whiteners in the laundry.

Laundry Detergent Ingredients: Surfactants
What are surfactants in laundry detergent and what do they do?

Laundry Detergent Ingredients: Alkalis
How alkalis work in laundry detergents. What are alkalis?

Oxygen Bleach
Definition of oxygen bleach for use in the laundry.

Professional Laundering
Definition of Professional Laundering

Rust Removers in the Laundry
Definition of rust removers in the laundry to remove stains.

Spot Cleaning - Spot Treating
Definition of Spot Cleaning - Spot Treating - Spot Clean - Spot Treat

Definition of fabric sizing in the laundry.

Stain Pretreaters
Definition of stain pretreaters in the laundry

Definition of starch in the laundry

What is Dry Cleaning? Definition of Dry Cleaning
What is Dry Cleaning? Definition of Dry Cleaning

Washing Soda
What is washing soda?

Water Softeners
Definition of water softeners or conditioners in the laundry.

Why Select U.S. EPA Design for the Environment Laundry Products
Why Select U.S. EPA Design for the Environment Laundry Products. Recommendations from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for eco-friendly laundry products.

What is Green Dry Cleaning?
What is Green Dry Cleaning?

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