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5 Top Clothes Steamers - Home Clothes Steamers

Steam Wrinkles Away


If you are ready to buy a clothes steamer, be sure to consider your personal needs and what size steamer you need plus the attachments. Once you've made your choice, take a look at "How to Use a Clothes Steamer" to get the best results from your new appliance. Here are five top steamers in alphabetical order. Welcome to freedom from wrinkles!

1. Conair Compact Upright Fabric Steamer

The Conair Compact Upright Fabric Steamer is a smaller unit for household use. It features a 1200 watt unit for heating water and a fifty-five ounce water tank. The tank should provide around one hour of steam. Weighing only 8.2 pounds, it is easy to move from room to room on the wheels. The foot activated switch is convenient to use.

The unit has a removable hose and nozzle for cleaning drapes and upholstery. It includes a collapsible pole for hanging garments. The UL-listed fabric steamer measures approximately 20 by 12 by 64 inches and carries a one-year limited warranty. Attachments include a lint and bristle brush.

2. Conair Deluxe Fabric Steamer

The Conair Deluxe Fabric Steamer features high-velocity high-velocity steam jets for constant steam flow. It heats up in just one minute and has an easy-fill water tank with markings to indicate steam time up to one and one-half hours.

The unit weighs 10.2 pounds and has 4 casters for easy rolling but also have safety locks for while in use. The handle is detachable for easy use for drapes and a five foot insulated hose. There is a telescoping pole that can be used for hanging garments to be steamed. The steamer has both a fabric brush and crease attachment.

3. Reliable Fabric Steamer

The Reliable Fabric Steamer G4 series features a 1300 watt heating element and a one gallon water tank. The steam reaches a temperature of 203 degrees F. The steam head is made from PVC as well as the steam hose and it is considered a professional grade steamer. One brush head is included.

The steamer is portable due to four brass rolling casters. There is an automatic shutoff and an anti-spill water cap. A one year warranty is included and it is UL approved. The unit measures 65" H x 6.5" W x 13.5" D and weighs 11 pounds.

4. Steam Fast Fabric Steamer

The Steam Fast Fabric Steamer is a home model steamer with 1500 watts power steam and a 40 ounce water capacity (with drain plug) that will produce 45 minutes of steam time. It has quick heating and is ready to use in 45 seconds for quick touch-ups. The steamer has smooth-rolling casters and a telescopic pole for garment hanging while steaming. The pole collapses for easy storage. The unit measures 12 1/2 inches by 8 inches by 12 inches and weighs nine pounds.

The unit comes with three attachments including a removable fabric brush attachment to sweep away unwanted threads and lint. It is UL Listed with a six foot grounded power cord and the Good Housekeeping Seal extends warranty up to 2 years.

Caution: During operation, the steamer hose may make a gurgling noise. This is a normal result of condensation and typically happens at the lowest point of the hose. To resolve, extend the hose up and out to move excess moisture back into the base. If any condensation is carried to the nozzle, it will exit out of the nozzle as warm water which can cause staining on some fabrics or over wet clothes.

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5. Steam Fresh Everyday Fabric Steamer

The Steam Fresh Everyday Fabric Steamer provides about fifty minutes of continuous steam with a 46 ounce water tank. The tank is easy to remove and refill. Heat up time is about 45 seconds.The unit includes a stay-cool hose, fabric brush and cord wrap for easy storage.

There is a one year warranty. The unit measures 11 inches x 11.5 inches x 63 inches and weighs 11 pounds.

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