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How do I select a dryer vent hose?


Question: How do I select a dryer vent hose?
Here's how to select a dryer hose: Clothes dryer safety is paramount in preventing fires. Check your dryer hose, it may be time to upgrade.

For a clothes dryer to work properly, it must be vented correctly. Even if you are diligent about checking the lint filter after every load, lint can still build up in your vent hose. Are you using the safest type of vent hose?

All national and local building codes now require metal ducting for clothes dryers. Ideally, you should use rigid aluminum tubing pieces between the dryer and the outside vent. This type of tubing does the best job of resisting the collection of lint in the duct. Flexible aluminum ducting is available, however, it is more prone to collecting lint inside.

If you still have white vinyl duct hose, it should be replaced immediately. It is flammable and if ignited by the dryer it will burn and cause a house fire. Aluminum vent hose is inexpensive and well worth your time and trouble to install. It may save a life.

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