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How to Care for Synthetic Fabric Clothes

Polyester, Acrylic, Acetate, Rayon


Synthetic or man-made fibers changed the face of fashion and laundry care. Most man-made fibers are strong and durable but each has its own stain removal and laundry requirements.

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Acetate Care and Stain Removal

Acetate fabric dissolve in fingernail polish remover – acetone. Triacetate and modacrylic fabrics can also be damaged by acetone or paint thinner.

Acrylic Care and Stain Removal

Acrylic fibers are durable and tough but they attract oil stains. 

Nylon Care and Stain Removal

Nylon fibers are heat sensitive and high temperatures in the dryer or when ironing can cause them to melt, shrink or deform.

Olefin Care and Stain Removal

Olefin fibers can be damaged by perchloroethylene solvent used by some dry-cleaners.

Polyester Care and Stain Removal

Even the hot-water setting on a washer can create permanent wrinkles in polyester during the spin cycle.

Rayon Care and Stain Removal

Rayon is acutally a made from plant fibers but manufactured in such a way that it is considered a man-made fiber.

Vinyl and Rubber Care and Stain Removal

Vinyl and rubber fabrics are damaged by most petroleum or oil-based solvents. The oil solvents remove the plasticizer in vinyl film fabric and cause stiffening.

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