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How to Clean 9 Winter Coat Fabrics


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Fleece Coats and Garments
How to Care for Fleece Coat


When I was a kid, the term fleece meant the wool that came from a sheep! Now, when we talk about fleece, it is most often the high-tech fabric made from synthetic fibers. Fleece is lightweight, provides incredible warmth and some types even wick away perspiration to keep you dry during strenuous activities.

Since fleece is a synthetic fiber fabric (most often polyester), it should be washed in cold or warm water on the permanent press cycle. This cycle on the washer has a cold rinse and does not spin excessively that can set in wrinkles.

Air drying is best for fleece but you can tumble on low heat to get started. NEVER dry on high heat.

Fleece can be a magnet for pet hair and lint, be sure to wash it with non-lint producing clothes and follow all tips for reducing and removing lint from laundry.


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