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How to Wash and Care for a Swimsuit

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How to Wash and Care for a Swimsuit

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Tips to Make Your Suit Last Longer

  • Alternate swimsuits. Giving your suit 24 hours of rest between wearing will help the Lycra/spandex yarn regain its memory shape.
  • Find a shower. Before you head home with your swimsuit, find a shower or sink to rinse out the sand, salt and chlorine from your suit.
  • Watch where you sit. Most pool sides and decks are rough so that you won't slip when they are wet. Even if it doesn't seem too rough, it is to your suit. Always sit or lay on a towel. Be careful when rising from an inside pool or hot tub bench. Once a swimsuit is snagged it cannot be repaired.
  • Sunbathe first, then swim. If you plan to sunbathe after swimming, change into a dry suit. The combination of chlorine from the pool, body perspiration and suntanning lotions are the most damaging to the fabric of a swimsuit.
  • Skip the hot tub. Hot tubs offer a double whammy of excessive chemicals and high heat which will fade and stretch a suit out very quickly. If possible, wear an older suit that you won't mind losing. Or, rinse out your suit as quickly as possible. For frequent hot tub use, choose a suit that is 100 percent polyester swimsuits or chlorine resistant. Cotton and natural fibers will not hold up in the chlorinated water.
  • Think function. If you only wear a swimsuit to sunbathe or go to the beach once per year, you may be fine with a less expensive suit that will last only a season. If you are a frequent swimmer and live in a suit, choose a well-made, more expensive suit that will fit your level of activity and comfort.

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