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How to Use Sunlight to Bleach Diaper Stains Away


How to Use Sunlight to Bleach Diaper Stains Away

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Some parents choose cloth diapers because they believe cloth exposes their child's skin to less chemicals and irritants. And they use laundry detergents free of enzymes, brighteners and synthetic fragrances to help keep cloth diapers as bottom-friendly as possible.

This often leaves diapers looking dingy and with stains. Chlorine bleach is usually not an accepted option if skin problems are a concern. Fortunately, a free, natural bleach exists - the sun.

Simply lay or hang wet diapers in sunlight. Any UV exposure will help to lighten the stains, whether indoors or outdoors, in bright sun or cloud cover. However, the stronger and more direct the sunlight, the better the results. Fifteen to twenty minutes will make a big difference and can significantly lighten stains or get rid of them.

The sun works to lighten stains on all white garments - even old stains. Eco-friendly and free, it's worth a try!

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